"I am a writer". It's taken me way too long to own that, but at 41 there are still dreams I want to chase, and this is one of them. I feel embarrassed and mostly want to keep this place hidden, but perhaps courage will go before me and give me wings to fly. In case you are wondering, Redbud Hall is our home, affectionately named for our beautiful Redbud that blooms outside our living room window every Spring. Our home isn't exceptionally grand or exceptionally beautiful, but it's where we live our days. Days that are full of struggle and hope, mundane and glory - which is very much beautiful, in all the important ways. I have found that writing about our life, not only brings me joy, but it grounds me in ways that I so desperately need. In that discovery, I have longed for my words to have a home again. So, I guess I should say, Welcome Home. I say that, because I  also want this home to be not so unlike my real home, a welcoming place for others to share their words and stories. I look forward to making space for you here and seeing where this story leads us.

With Gratitude,

Brooke Jared